One Direct Route

LuxLiner offers one direct route between Peace River and Edmonton’s downtown core. The bus runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Our route is direct, non-stop and worry free! For the business traveler who wishes to work, sit back, enjoy our free wifi service and capitalize on 4.5 hours of undisturbed travel time. For our leisure passengers, enjoy the scenery and free time. No matter how you look at it, LuxLiner is the stress free, carefree alternative to driving or flying!

We knew there was a need

LuxLiner is a family owned and operated business. For years we’ve focused our energies on ensuring easy, cost-effective travel between the north and the south. We understand that living in the north has it’s unique challenges and accessibility to facilities such as specialist appointments, government agencies, sporting events and international connections has and always will be a concern for the residents of Northern Alberta. We’ve spent years ensuring we keep the gateway to the north open and freely flowing! LuxLiner is the result of our recognition of a need and our desire to address that need.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions, concerns, inquiries or suggestions we welcome your input! Striving to ensure this service remains viable and excited at the possibilities to expand we welcome your feedback and suggestions to make sure we stay on track and in tune with the needs of our clients! Refer to our “Contact Us” section and feel free to submit inquiries via email or phone.

*Please call to confirm schedule

*If you prefer to pay by credit card please call reservations at 1-855-589-5463